Thursday, July 26, 2012

Things happen for a reason

>I had a blast staying with Heaven! I was supposed to leave on Thursday,but my flight got cancelled!were so glad it did, because I got to help out with the yard sale! Plus, I got a brand new pair of boots for $20 that was needed!

Instead of writing a long entry, I am just going to do a photo capture thing, and write captions below them! Adding more when I get more pics from her mom!

Olivia and I went to run errands, and stopped at gas station. I got 3 lottery scratch tickets, one for me, Heaven, and Olivia. Heaven is only one who won. Plus my total was 3.13. My lucky number and Taylor Swift's lucky number.

My favorite sign I made for the garage sale.

I made all these signs for the garage sale.

My station for Heaven

Heaven and Maddie chillin

This girl asked heaven to sign her shirt

Dancin to Michael Jackson

on way to airport

That's Stella. It's the neighbor of the girl I babysit. She always asks about Heaven, and wanted to write her a letter. She's 3.

Heaven in Target! Found that headband in the dollar section,,, she didn't want it though! I just HAD to snap a pic!

Me and Jamey, Heaven's mom. Took us a kajillion times to take this pic!

Our first picture :) 

Grace and me. She LOVES Hello Kitty. She doesn't speak, except to a couple people. 

Heaven at therapy. She did great!

Heaven found those sunglass shades in the chair, so she wanted a picture!

Me and Sam. NUFF SAID.

brighten's anyone day. Love that girl worth everything!

Maddie and Heaven. They sat and chilled while we went grocery shopping. 

Heaven LOVES plain potato chips. She practically ate that whole bowl!

MAddie eating some chips

Swift bus. Had to take a pic of it :)

Heaven doing a workbook Bette got her!

Me and Olivia, Heaven's sister

Me, Heav and Olivia

Me and Heave again

At the movies, seeing ice age 3d

Me and Heav, at ice age 3d

Us girls  before ice age. Of course I was only one in jeans!

Tab, Sam and me!


After ice age 3d. we took our shades out!

were crazzyyy

Diane, from Make A Wish stopped by!

We went to get pedi's!

Me and Heav..

Us after pedi's

Sam driving to therapy. First time driving Jamey's car!

LOVE THIS. Taylor brought us together :)

Smiling for a pic at therapy, again

focusing :)

More will be added later!

I can't WAIT to see Heaven again in Deember, when I run a 5k at St. Jude!

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