Tuesday, July 17, 2012

update update major update!

I am waay behind on updating this. Now I have internet, so it makes it more possible :)

Good news! I received 15 brand new bears from Build-a-bear! :) I came home to a biiig package on my door step, and opened it, and cried happy tears! I couldn't believe it!

I finally got my paper work from my doctor's office. I am going to fill out paper work when I return home from my trip.

I'm visiting HEAVEN.. the girl who has inspired me to do all of this! I can't WAIT! I get to meet her on SUNDAY! :) I've been waiting for this day for 7 months now...and it's FINALLY coming true! So far, I've raised around 300 dollars for her. I am going to count all my money and donate 10 percent of it to her. I'll have the grand total when I leave. I'll definitly post pictures! :)

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