Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The joys of helping people

Today, my friend Jamie said to me, "you know what I've realized?? You're the happiest when you are helping people..."

I thought about it, and it's true. I'm moving forward fast with doing what I love, and what makes me happy. Which is, just like Jamie said... Helping people.

My main focus right now is not my own foundation I want to start, because that will take a while to get it legalized and all.. But my main focus is HEAVEN KELLEY, and raising money for her. I wrote about her in my first post, and it is under the tab "where it all began..." if you haven't seen it yet.. Just a quick bio on Heaven. She is 12, and fighting PNET. You can visit her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/HopeForHeaven.

A couple of my friends and I are starting a Facebook page for her tomorrow called "hope for heaven kc". We have already brainstormed se fundraising ideas.. Unfortunately, some of them are a little harder to start, and take a lot of planning.. They are starting a club at their school to help out with fundraisers, and when people help, they'll get community service hours. (thanks cassidy, Hannah and Brycen...)

The ideas we have are:
Bake sale
Run/walk (that one is the long time planning one)
Car wash
Playing guitar in popular locations
Benefit concert
Have bikes running at the gym for 24 hours and people pay to ride a certain time

I am seeing Heaven in April, because her old cheer gym is hosting a competition for her. And we're trying to get permission for me to go to st Jude with her April 23rd. That will knock off some of my goals for this year! I am wanting to raise $1000 by time I go. (which isn't a lot of time)

If you would like to donate, please contact me via email: Kelscrandell@gmail.com. Thanks!

I am sending care packages to a few of my friends who are suffering on Friday! I can't wait!

I have received a few messages from people thanking me and that I've inspired them.. Reading those messages bring tears to my eyes!

Helping people makes not only me smile, but my heart smile too.

I love this feeling!

I am not giving up!

Keep shining
Keep dreaming
Keep believing
Don't give up


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  1. this is so great! i love the idea of this charity. if there is anything i can do to help please let me know <3 childhood cancer has always touched my <3 good luck!