Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Heaven Kelley's Big Heart

Hello everyone!

I am posting about my friend, Heaven Kelley, who actually is the one who inspired me to make this blog. I am asking a BIG favor from anyone and everyone!

A brief summary: Two christmas' ago, when I was in Paris, I was going through a very ROUGH time, and was wanting to end my life. I was on facebook, and another Taylor Swift fan posted a link saying "St. Jude patient meets Taylor Swift." I clicked on it, and immediately started bawling. It was my calling, I just knew it. I was called to help kids with cancer. If I hadn't of read the article on Heaven, I'm not sure I would be here today. She is my everything. My shining star.

She actually saved my life, and my goal is to save hers. You can read about my other posts about her on my blog, but this one to click on is when I met her!  Meeting Heaven Kelley

Heaven has one of of the biggest hearts I've ever met in my life. For her birthday party this year, she wanted to raise money for a Pediatric clinic in Haiti that is being built, and is being named "Heaven's Angel's" in honor of her. You can check out the video here.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go to Heaven's birthday bash that happened this past weekend, but I am wanting to raise money for the clinic. For those of you wondering if you can get a tax write off for it, you CAN!

Here is how to donate!
You can send a check written out to FREEDOM GLOBAL OUTREACH
**leave the memo blank so you can recieve a tax write off at end of the year!**
Stick a note on it saying "Heavens birthday fundraiser".
Matt Reichard attn: freedom global outreach
824 N. West
St. Carlisle PA 17013


I am copying and pasting Heaven's story for her birthday bash. This is an amazing story.

"This is a unique story of love and of hope.  It is a story that shows us that there is something about compassion that can unite people from all walks of life.  It is a story that shows us all the kind of life that we aspire to live; a life that throws off convention and does the right thing, simply because it is the right thing to do.

Heaven Kelley was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of brain cancer in 2011, as a 12 year old.  Her family, who lives in Mt. Holly Springs, and her friends united around her and have been by her side every single day as she battles this disease.  Her family is blessed by her group of friends, called Heaven’s Angels, that has walked beside them every step of the way, through stays at St. Jude’s and Johns Hopkins, MRI results, chemotherapy and strokes.  

Rebecca Theodate was severely abused by an uncle who she lived with, just outside of Jacmel, Haiti, after her parent’s death.  As a 3 year old, after being rescued and moved to an orphanage run by Freedom Global Outreach, Rebecca needed to have 3 major surgeries to repair damage from her abuse.  The closest place was over 4 hours away, in the capital.  Rebecca, her pastor and a staff member made the 4 hour drive over 50 times in 10 months to get her the medical care she needed.  All the while she was supported and loved by the other 24 girls in her orphanage, another group of Angels supporting one of their own.

Heaven and Rebecca have never met, but they know each other well.  Heaven has long been interested in the ministry of FGO in Haiti and the kids in their orphanages.  Throughout her battle with cancer, despite her own illness and pain, she has been concerned about the needs of the Haitian kids.  As she battles her cancer the kids of the FGO orphanages have also been supporting her.  They have written cards back and forth, sent pictures and gifts and, most importantly, they take time every single day to pray for Heaven.  Her pictures hang in their bedrooms at the orphanages.  She has a scrapbook of their pictures and cards.  Sometimes Angels are separated by distance, but they are never separated by love.

Freedom Global Outreach is planning to build a pediatric clinic in Jacmel, right next door to Rebecca’s orphanage.  They don’t think that kids in that area should have to drive 4 hours for medical care.  In honor of Heaven and her love for the Haitian kids even during her battle with cancer, and in honor of her awesome group of friends, the clinic is being named Heaven’s Angels Pediatric Clinic.  The legacy of the compassion, hope and love of Heaven, her family and her friends will live on forever by providing life-saving medical treatment for kids in Jacmel, Haiti.  No matter what the future holds, her battle has inspired other kids lives to be saved.

Heaven’s 14th birthday party is coming up on May 12th from 5 to 9 pm.  She hopes to have hundreds of her friends and area youth groups (up to 1,000 kids!) come and celebrate with her at the Carlisle Expo Center.  Instead of presents, Heaven is asking all of her friends to bring a donation towards the Heaven’s Angels Pediatric Clinic.  She and her friends, the Angels, are setting themselves a goal of raising $30,000 towards building the clinic.  They are hoping to find friends or businesses to help offset the cost of the party by donating items like chips, pretzels, drinks and other snack foods.  FGO can provide a “gifts in kind” receipt for donated items through their 501c3.  Heaven, her family, the Angels, FGO and the kids of Jacmel, Haiti appreciate, from the bottom of our hearts, your help."


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