Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I met this beautiful girl, Any, through Kevin Mcguire's facebook site. You can scroll down through the older posts to find the post on him.

Any passed away yesterday. She had cancer. She was recently put on a trial medicine, and was given a year to live. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. Here's what she said about what she was going through:

"what's going on is my uterine cancer had cells that spread and now I have metastasis in my lungs and if I don't get treatment I have a year to live which makes me so sad to know I wanna do so much but I can't and now I'm going to do a trial which is new different medicines that they tried in a lab to kill cancer but I'll be one out of five people to try this for the first time since regular chemo does not work on me .."

She had recently just got engaged. Through some of our conversations, her dream was to have a child, but she knew she wasn't going to be able to. So they were going to freeze some of her eggs so someone could be a serrogant to her. I told her I would. Unfortunately, I don't think that happened.

Here are some things she said to me:

This was her first message to me: I think your awesome , I never thought people like you would be interested in helping kids like me who have cancer , most people are mean , and they judge me as soon as they see me and it makes me feel horrible , I would love to listen to your music thank you so much god bless you !

I try not to think of it I wrote to heaven she is amazing she inspires me so much I know she will pull through this if we don't then god had a purpose for us but I have so much faith . You are a great person I thank go for people like you and trust me god has a purpose for all of us , god forbid you get this horrible cancer but fight it you will make it your such a blessing you have a heart of gold . I hope heaven writes me back .
I love Taylor she is amazing you remind me a lot of her ... I as well hope to meet u one day you are my Taylor ! Love u so much even though I never met you but I have faith that one day I'll meet the best person in the world .

That's just the basics of it. We had a lot of texting conversations as well.  She basically told me that I am her Taylor because I am Taylor Swift's biggest fan, and Taylor brightens my day, so I'm her "taylor" because I brighten her day. Any, I love you so much. I can't wait to sing and dance to Taylor with you in Heaven. And if I do get cancer, I will fight back hard, just like you said.




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